About Meridian Collision Center, Inc.

Our founder, Gary Overby, opened for business as Meridian Auto Body in 1969 with a mission to provide collision repairs on cars, trucks, motorhomes, school busses, and fire apparatus. Gary's love of working on cars & trucks was turned into a thriving business.

South Meridian, now known as Meridian East, has changed a great deal over the years, as did Gary's business. In 1969, the only thing in the area was trees; today, South Hill, Puyallup is a major area. Meridian Collision Center, Inc. was the first shop to offer a 3-year warranty for our workmanship. Today, we provide a lifetime warranty for our workmanship. We are the oldest business on South Hill, which proves that we can offer expert workmanship that we stand behind.

Gary Overby is now retired after many years of hard work, and still maintains ownership while his legacy continues on. Since we have been taking care of the area's Fire Departments' collision needs since 1969, we now are part of the Pierce Fire Apparatus Service and Warranty Service. Meridian Hughes Fire Apparatus Service is a joint venture with the Pacific Northwest Pierce Dealership, based in Springfield, Oregon. We offer a full service facility for fire apparatus from oil changes to major collision damage.